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Shades of black under tired brown eyes
Gravity's force makes it harder to rise
I'm sick of this bed and this room and this mess
Where have I gone? I've lost my finesse
Discoloured marks – they cover my skin
My body is sore from my toes to my chin
I can't stop the thoughts that bleed from my mind
They rupture my health and make me unkind
I envy the grace of the leaves on the trees
Outside they dance with the flowers and bees
Why can't I be like a leaf on a tree?
I just want to be free from me.

Some days I wake and bounce out of bed
'Today is the day!' I shout in my head
Yet it doesn't take much to become disenchanted,
To put my head down, to take life for granted
With expectations as high as the clouds in the sky
Real life disappoints like an  uncooked stir fry
I know what to do and how I should act
Yet the thoughts in my head keep holding me back
'Fuck you,' they say, 'there's not a thing you can do'
I just want to cry and scream out 'fuck you too'
Until I am fine I'll just sit and drink tea
One day I'll be free from me.
MorbidHarlequin Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Outstanding. I like the quick rhythm of the rhyme, it really helps draw me into the text. And so many of those lines are so close to things that have been in my own head. I wish you that key you need to be free, to unlock the you that wants more then just tea. Some day you will find it, someday you’ll be free.
yanbanan Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
Chances are a lot of the thoughts we've had have been felt by other people. But that doesn't mean we're still not special :)
And thank you, very much. I wish all good luck and happiness to you too.
MorbidHarlequin Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Very likely I'd say, but never exactly the same way. That's why everyone else is "everyone else" ^^
Thank you very much, I wish you the same.

Keep writing!
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November 24, 2012
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